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Sales, appraisal and purchase

Since its founding in 1963, "safety" and "trust" have cultivated with a wide range of knowledge and an eye for authenticity.
Shimbashi Stamp Shokai provides three main services by taking advantage of this strength.


The products we handle are stamps, old coins, commemorative coins, and other collectors who "want to have rare things that no one has", those who like old gold coins and their materials, those who like history, and those who like fund management. We can understand various customer needs and provide products that satisfy our customers.


With the spread of online auctions, the number of counterfeit goods is increasing, and we carefully appraise each item one by one with a wide range of knowledge about manufacturing methods and materials, history and social conditions, which differ from time to time.



With the increase in purchase specialty stores and reuse stores, customers have more choices about where to sell, and Shimbashi Stamp Trading Co., Ltd., which has a 38-year history and specializes in buying and selling stamps and old coins, offers a safe purchase service. To provide.

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