​Privacy policy and terms of use

(privacy policy)

▷ What kind of information do you collect?
We collect and store the information registered on the site or the customer information collected by other means. In addition, we collect the following information: Internet protocol address (IP address), email address, password, computer connection information and purchase history used to connect the computer to the Internet. We make full use of software tools to collect information such as the number of page responses, the time spent on each page, information on page exchanges, and how to view pages. We also collect personally identifiable information (name, email address, contact information, personal profile information, etc.).

▷ How do you collect information?
As part of the process, we will collect your name, address, phone number, and email address if you submit an inquiry or a subscription form on our website. The personal information collected will be used only for the purposes described above.

▷ Why do you collect such personal information?
We collect non-personal and personal information for the following purposes:
1. Purpose of providing and operating services
2. The purpose of providing customers with ongoing customer and technical support.
3. The purpose of communicating general or personal service-related announcements or promotional messages to site visitors or site users.
4. In order to provide more valuable services, the purpose of collecting personal or non-personal information and creating statistical data
5. Purpose in line with applicable law or regulation

▷ How do you store, use, share and disclose personal information of site visitors?
Our site is created on the Wix.com platform. Wix.com offers a platform for selling goods and services online. Your data is stored on Wix.com's data storage devices, databases and common Wix.com applications. The collected data is stored in a secure server protected by a firewall.

▷ How do you communicate with site visitors?
When collecting opinions from account troubleshooting, problem solving, service billing, surveys or questions, sending our company updates, implementing our Terms of Use, applicable national laws and agreements, etc. We may contact you. Please understand that we may contact you by email, phone, text email, or mail for the above reasons.

▷ How do you use cookies and tracking tools?

If you use Google Analytics or other applications available from the Wix App Market and use cookies or other tracking tools from within the Wix site, how do you collect and store information within those apps? Etc., there may be its own regulations. Please note that external regulations do not apply to Wix's privacy policy.

▷ How can I revoke a site visitor's consent?

If you do not want to use the data in the future, please contact us at the [email address] email address or [real address].

▷ Questions and contact information If you would like to access, correct, correct or delete your (site visitor's) personal information that we have, please contact us at "(email address)" or "(actual Please contact us by mail to the address ".

(Terms of service)

The Shinbashi Stamp Company (hereinafter referred to as "our company") has the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") of its operated Shimbashi Stamp Company site (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") It is determined as follows. Those who use this service agree to the following conditions. In addition, some guidelines may be added when using certain services, so please refer to each service. The guidelines for each service form part of this agreement, and all of them are the terms of use.

Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 Scope and changes of this agreement

1. These Terms shall apply to users of this Service (hereinafter referred to as "Users"), including our company and members (defined in Article 3), regarding the use of this Service.
2. Our company can change this agreement by notifying the user by the notification on this service or the method that we think is appropriate without obtaining the prior consent of the user.

Article 2 Use of this service

1. The user shall use this service in accordance with this agreement and the rules etc. separately established by us.
2. Our company can change the contents of this service without obtaining the prior consent of the user.

Chapter 2 Use of Services

Article 3 Scope of service

1. The user shall be able to use various services provided on this service.
2. The range of services that can be used shall be determined separately.
3. Our company can change the range of services that can be used without prior approval of the user.

Article 4 Use of member information

We manage and use personal information of users, including members, who we got to know in connection with the use of this service, in accordance with our privacy policy.

Article 5 Prohibited matters

The user shall not perform the following actions.
(1) Act of inputting false content or applying for registration when using
(2) Acts that interfere with the operation of this service and may interfere with this service
(3) Act of using this service by illegally using credit card or mobile phone payment, etc.
(4) Unauthorized use of user ID and password
(5) Acts that cause or may cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to other users, third parties, or our company
(6) Acts that infringe or may infringe on intellectual property such as copyrights of other users, third parties, or our company, privacy/personal rights, or other rights.
(7) Acts that are offensive to public order and morals, or that are in violation of laws or regulations, or that may be
(8) Other acts that we judge to be inappropriate

Article 6 Suspension of use of this service

Our company shall be able to suspend the use of this service without prior notice to the user when the user falls under any of the following items.
(1) When it is found that you have been punished for suspension of use due to a violation of these Terms of Use in the past
(2) If there is a delay in fulfillment of payment obligations such as fees related to this service, or other non-compliance
(3) When the act of Article 9 (prohibited matter) is performed
(4) Any other violation of this agreement

Article 7 Copyright

1. The user must use any information provided through this service outside the scope of the restrictions on copyright such as private copying of individuals permitted by the copyright law without the permission of the copyright holder. You can not.
2. If a problem occurs in violation of the provisions of this Article, the user shall solve the problem at his own risk and expense and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to us.

Chapter 3 Purchasing Products

Article 8 Purchase of goods

1. Users can purchase products or services (hereinafter referred to as "products") from us using this service.
2. If you wish to purchase products, etc., the user shall apply for the purchase of products or use of services according to the method specified by us. The user shall enter and send true and accurate data regarding the application contents.
3. If we accept the application in the preceding paragraph, we will send an e-mail to the e-mail address that the user filled in or applied for, so the user confirms this. ..
4. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is any fraudulent or improper act related to the use of this service, or if there is a notification from the credit card company or mobile phone company etc. designated by the user that there is a credit default , The Company may cancel or cancel the sales contract, suspend performance, and take other appropriate measures.
5. The delivery of products etc. by this service is limited to within Japan.

Article 9 Payment method

1. The amount paid for products, etc. will be the total of the product price, consumption tax, shipping fee, and charges incurred by the user's request.
2.Regarding payment for products purchased by this service, payment at stores, payment by credit card in the name of the user, payment by bank transfer, cash on delivery by mail, cash on delivery by courier. , And the payment method approved by us separately.
3. When paying with a credit card, the user shall comply with the terms and conditions separately signed by the card company. In the event of a dispute between the user and the credit card company, etc., both parties shall resolve it.

Article 10 Return of goods, etc.

1.Returns of goods, etc. are prohibited except for damages during delivery, defects of goods, mistakes of goods, etc., unless otherwise acknowledged by our company. In addition, within the period (within 8 days) specified by our company after the user receives the goods etc., the return of such goods etc. and the exchange of the goods etc. if the goods etc. It can be done only if the product is returned unused.
2. The user shall, at the expense of the user, carry out the returns set forth in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the method specified separately by us.

Article 11 Disclaimer regarding products

1. Guarantee regarding products, etc. sold and sold in this service shall be based on the content of the attached product warranty, unless otherwise specified. We do not guarantee the quality, performance, compatibility with other products, etc. for the products sold and sold in this service, except for the contents described in the product warranty. However, this does not apply in cases of our intention or gross negligence.
2.We are exempted from contacting the contact information registered by the member (in case of trouble due to unknown delivery address, etc.) and by delivering the product to the destination specified when purchasing the product. will do.
3. If an item ordered by us is out of stock or unavailable due to changes in our inventory, we can cancel the order. However, if you place an order for more than one item and some of the items cannot be arranged, we will cancel the order for that item only.
4. The company makes every effort to be as accurate as possible in terms of product descriptions and notations on this service, but does not guarantee that there is no error in accuracy, completeness, or latestness. If there is a notation different from the current status, the current status is given priority.

Chapter 4 Operation of this service

Article 12 Information management

If we judge that we can use comments and other information (information that identifies individuals follows Article 7) sent after the user consented to our use of this service, , You can use this service or our affiliated company without your consent, and if any of the following items apply, you can delete this without your consent. In addition to comments and other information newly sent, comments and other information sent to us by this service so far will be provided by our company unless otherwise requested by the user. It is assumed that the service can be used in this service or in a subcontractor.
(1) When it is recognized that the information clearly infringes the copyrights or other rights of our company or a third party, or clearly damages the honor or credit of our company or a third party.
(2) When we receive a warning from the third party that the information infringes the copyright or other rights of the third party or damages the honor or credibility of the third party.
(3) When it is found that there is a clear violation of Japanese or applicable foreign law.
(4) When an order is issued by a public agency such as a government office or a court to delete it in accordance with the law.

Article 13 Maintenance of this service

In order to keep the operating condition of this service in good condition, we may suspend all or part of the provision of this service without notifying the user in advance in the following cases.
(1) For regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
(2) When it becomes difficult to operate the system due to fire, power outage, obstruction by a third party, etc.
(3) In addition, when we judge that it is necessary to stop the system unavoidably

Article 14 Other disclaimers

1. Our company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the user's failure to use this service. However, this does not apply in cases of our intention or gross negligence.
2. Our company shall not be liable if the disadvantage received by the user is caused by processing the office work according to the registered contents of the user.
3. If a user causes damages to other users or a third party by using this service, the user will solve it at their own risk and expense. Shall not cause any inconvenience.

Article 15 Other

1. In principle, the method of contact between our company and the user is by e-mail or telephone.
2. If there is a problem that cannot be solved by this agreement or our guidance regarding the use of this service, we shall discuss it in good faith between us and the user and solve it.
3. If a litigation is necessary regarding the use of this service, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court will be the exclusive court of first instance.
Supplement: This agreement will be applied to all users from September 01, 2004 The revised regulations will be applied to all users from the same day.

September 1, 2004