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​Media appearance information

Updated April 19, 2022

​ Media appearance information that our shop cooperated with.

  • 2020.8.15 Cooperated with TV Asahi "Sandwich Man & Dr. Mana Ashida"

  • 2020.7.25 We cooperated with Tokyo MX TV "Love in Edo" to cover currency in the Edo period.

  • 2020.4.14 TBS "What is this difference?"

  • 2020.4.12 TBS "Quiz! The sense of incongruity" We cooperated in appraisal of error coins.

  • 2020.1.29 We cooperated with Nippon Television "news every" to cover Olympic commemorative coins.

  • 2019.11.24 TBS "Quiz! THE Uncomfortable feeling" Chidori & Taishi Nakagawa"

  • 2019.4.10 We covered the new currency on TV Asahi "Good! Morning". ~ High price transaction of "rare serial number"

  • 2019.4.19 "Weekly Hyundai" April 27/May 4 merged issue-After cleaning up the house, we cooperated with us on what came out as the money.

  • 2019.4.10 We cooperated with TBS "Asachan" to cover premium bills and coins.

  • 2019.2.7 Our shop was introduced on TV Asahi "Kuriimushi Chu no Hanataka! Superiority".

  • 2018.10.13 Our shop was introduced on TBS "Job Tune".

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