Event information

Updated May 10, 2022

It is the guidance of special events.

* There is a possibility of cancellation or change of venue (floor) in a hurry, so please check in advance.


□ 43rd Money and Stamp Collection Festival April 10th (Sat) -21st (Mon), 2021 Mielparque Kyoto 7th floor

□ 32nd Tokyo International Coin Convention May 1st (Sat) -3rd (Mon), 2021 Royal Park Hotel 3rd floor

□ 59th world of money, stamps, telephone cards Festival 2021, June 4 (Friday) to 6 (Sun) Tokyo traffic hall on the 12th floor

□ 19th Osaka Coin Show June 18th (Fri) -20th (Sun), 2021 OMM Tenmanbashi

□ 3rd Nagoya Coin Show September 18th (Sat) -20th (Mon), 2021 Winc Aichi 6th floor

□ 51st Osaka Large Collection Festival October 1st (Fri) -3rd (Sun), 2021 Midosuji Building 9th floor (next to OPA)

□ 19th Tokyo Coin Show November 12th (Fri) -14th (Sun), 2021 Otemachi Sankei Plaza 3rd floor