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Proud of the work of passing coins from person to person

Since its founding in 1963, Shimbashi Stamp Shokai Co., Ltd. has built up its history as a coin store and stamp specialty store in the world.

Old coins are one of the antiques that are closely related to daily life, and I think they have the power to make people who lived at that time think of their lives, including their unique appearance. There are various motives for each person, so it cannot be said unconditionally, but it is attractive to those who like history. Collectors have a strong desire to "have something unusual that no one has," depending on what the collection is for and the individuality of the person. "Complete" in your favorite field is a great pleasure for collectors. We need to understand  the needs of such customers and help them to be satisfied, which is the joy of doing this job. Shimbashi Stamp Shokai, which is celebrating its 59th anniversary, will continue to grow to new steps while building stronger and stronger relationships of trust with everyone with the motto of kindness and sincerity.Thankyou.


Shimbashi Stamp Shokai Co., Ltd. President Minoru Terada



会社案内: ギャラリー

Company profile

◇ Name Shimbashi Stamp Shokai Co., Ltd.

◇ Representative Minoru Terada, President and CEO

◇ Founded January 1963

◇ Business description Postage stamps, old coins, commemorative coins, banknotes, foreign coins, hobby tickets, precious metals, gold, shareholder benefit tickets, etc.

◇ Licensed Japan Numismatic Dealers Association, Japan Postage Stamp Business Cooperative, Japan Ticket Business Cooperative Member Store

Secondhand dealer license number 301089505425


[Shinbashi Main Store]

 2-5-6 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Omura Building 3F

TEL 03-3501-3077 FAX 03-3502-7480

[Sapporo Shijo store]

1F, Terada Building, 6-chome, Minami 4 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

TEL 011-251-0001 FAX 011-251-0021





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