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An example of products targeted for purchase of Japanese stamps and Chinese stamps


​ Old 20 yen coin

​ The old 20-yen coin was issued in the early Meiji era, and the number of issued is very small, about 50,000. Depending on the issue year and condition, the purchase price may be several million yen.


New 20 yen gold coin

The new 20-yen coin is a gold coin issued from the late Meiji era to the Showa era, about 5,000 coins. In some years, the number of issues is very small, and if the condition is good, the purchase price is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen.


Ducat (Ducat) gold coin

A gold coin born in Italy in 1284. After that, it will be issued outside of Italy, and depending on the face value and the country of issue, it will be purchased for thousands to tens of thousands of yen.


Panda gold coin

​ A bullion coin issued annually by China since 1982, depicting a giant panda. The purchase price is about several thousand to hundreds of thousands of yen, especially in 1982, the first year of the purchase, at a high price.


Franc gold coins

Gold coins issued from 1810 by the Paris Monnaie de Paris in France. Above all, if it is a 20 franc gold coin in a beautiful state, I will buy it at a high price. The average purchase price is tens of thousands of yen or more.


​Other gold coins

Gold coins with scratches and dirt, and jewelry coins processed into pendants may also be purchased together with decorative parts. Please bring it as it is so as not to wash or polish it forcibly.


Eagle gold coin

Bullion coins from the United States of America issued since 1986. It depends on the face value, but the purchase price is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen.


Britannia gold coin

Britannia gold coins are bullion coins issued by the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom. At a purchase price of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen, 100 pounds (1 ounce) is the most valuable.


Sovereign gold coin

Sovereign gold coins are British statutory gold coins issued since 1817. The "old sovereign gold coins" issued in 1489-1604 are purchased at a particularly high price.