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An example of products targeted for purchase of Japanese stamps and Chinese stamps


Meiji Tsuho

The first banknote issued by the central government. Among them, the number of issued 50 yen and 100 yen is extremely small, and purchases from hundreds of thousands of yen.


Old national banknotes

It is said to be the most valuable of the old Japanese banknotes. The higher the face value, the higher the value, and 20-yen and 10-yen tickets (unused) can be purchased for millions of yen.


​ Old convertible banknotes

The Bank of Japan note is the first banknote issued by the central bank. There are four face values. Purchase from tens of thousands of yen.


A convertible banknote

​There are three types of 100 yen, 10 yen, and 5 yen, and 100 yen is divided into the first half and the second half according to the notation of the group number. In the previous term (Manyo Kana), items that are more than beautiful items will be purchased for around 1 million yen.


Error tag

Banknotes that have made a mistake in the manufacturing process and are on the market as they are are called error bills. Generally, the purchase price is higher for error tags in the new era.


Rare number

In addition to rare bill numbers (such as doublets), those with AA alphabets at both ends and young numbers, called Wakaban, will be purchased for tens of thousands of yen or more.


​ New National Banknotes

Since the number of new national banknotes in existence is small, it is considered to be a rare old banknote. There are two types of 1-yen and 5-yen bills, and if the condition is good, you can purchase from 100,000 yen and hundreds of thousands of yen, respectively.


Modified banknotes

​ The first banknote with a portrait in Japan. Among them, the 10-yen bill drawn by Empress Jingu is purchased for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen.


Remodeled convertible banknotes

​There are 4 types of 100 yen, 10 yen, 5 yen and 1 yen, and the higher the face value, the higher the purchase price. Of this, 100 yen is considered a phantom bill and will be purchased from several million yen.

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