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An example of products targeted for purchase of Japanese stamps and Chinese stamps

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1 yen silver coin

It is a silver coin that was distributed from the Meiji era to the early Taisho era, and if it is unused, it will be expensive, and even if it is used, it will have a premier than the value of silver.

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Trade silver

It is a silver coin issued exclusively for trade in the early Meiji era, and since the number of existing coins is small, it will be purchased from tens of thousands of yen. However, because it is very popular, there are many replicas and forgery.


​Eagle silver coin

The eagle silver coin, which is a popular silver coin in the United States, has a relatively high purchase price.

​ Silver coins made since 1986, containing 99.9% silver.

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​ Panda silver coin

Panda silver coins are bullion coins issued by China Mint Co., Ltd. and are famous silver coins with collectors all over the world. The purchase price starts from tens of thousands of yen.


Mexican silver coin

"Mexico silver" is a silver coin coined from the 16th century in the land of Mexico, which was colonized by Spain. Old Mexican coins may also be purchased at a premium price.


Other silver coins

​ Just because silver coins are as dirty as gold does not mean that you cannot buy them. Please do not polish for gloss. Please store away from direct sunlight and humidity to prevent oxidation and mold.